Step 2: The technical skills test

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Once you've passed the iMocha English fluency test, you'll be invited to take an online coding test through Qualified that evaluates your problem-solving and programming skills based on the primary skill you selected when you created your account.

It's important that you complete your tests independently, without any assistance from others or outside resources. While we understand that teamwork and utilizing outside resources can be beneficial in certain scenarios, we need to evaluate your technical skills for accurate results. Please read more about our assessment requirements here to ensure your success.

An Andela Qualify assessment has an average time limit of one hour, but you can take more time if needed. A timer is provided on your assessment screen to help you pace yourself. Do note, however, that there are some challenges that have varying time limits, and you'll be notified before beginning any timed challenge. Pausing the timer is also permitted between challenges if needed. 

For Developers: You'll be presented with several coding challenges that you will need to solve using the programming language of your choice. You will also need to explain your approach and reasoning for each solution. We offer assessments for different tech stacks, like Design, QA, and DBA.

Good luck to you! If you encounter any technical difficulties or have any questions during the assessment, please do not hesitate to submit a request for assistance. Our team is always happy to help! 

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