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If you've passed your technical skills test, the final step of our application process will be a live technical interview. This interview consists of a coding session and discussion with an Andela interviewer to showcase your technical skills in real-time, as well as your personality and fit with our Andela culture and values. The screening is typically sixty minutes long and requires a strong internet connection for success. Click here for more detailed information about preparing for a technical screening. 

During your technical screening, you and your interviewer will review the following: 

  • Technical requirements
  • Work history
  • Expectations and corporate culture
  • Pair programming (for software engineers, including QA)
  • Portfolio review (for product designers)

If you can't attend your scheduled interview, please communicate that to your interviewer as soon as possible. Our Technical Screeners are understanding and are happy to accommodate you. However, your application will be closed if you do not show up for the interview or contact us to reschedule. 


All interviews are recorded for quality assurance purposes to keep refining and improving our interviews for future Andelans. A recording will only be accessible by the internal QA team and deleted entirely 30 days after the live interview. In compliance with our privacy policy, the information we collect about you during the interview will only be used for and limited to those exact purposes stated above.

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