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The first step to joining the Andela Talent Cloud is taking our online English fluency test, powered by iMocha. iMocha is an online assessment that measures your ability to communicate effectively in English. It consists of multiple-choice questions and a writing task. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and idioms, as well as your ability to express your ideas clearly and coherently in written form.

If you're qualified to apply after creating your account on, you'll receive an email to begin your timed test. It's important that you complete it independently, without any assistance from others. While we understand that teamwork can be beneficial in certain scenarios, we need to evaluate your own personal language skills for accurate results. Please read more about our assessment requirements here to ensure your success.

The iMocha test has a time limit of sixty minutes and can only be taken once, so make sure you are ready before you start. Additionally, since it's based on an AI model, be sure to speak for one minute or more during each question. If you do not pass, you're welcome to return to your application after ninety days for a retake. That way, you'll have more time to prepare and try again. Successful completion of this test demonstrates that you have strong communication skills, which are required to be client-ready for any Andela engagement.

If you encounter any technical difficulties or have any questions during the assessment, please do not hesitate to submit a request for assistance. We're always happy to help and can't wait to see how far you'll go on your journey with Andela!

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