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Andela was founded on a simple truth: Brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. Our goal is to connect you to companies from across the globe, no matter your location. To help guide all Andelans in this mission, we abide by our E.P.I.C. values.

When you join the Andela Talent Cloud, you have the opportunity to: 

Grow your career:

Find remote work you love with companies you trust. Accelerate your ambition with AI-powered matching, a community of experts, and exclusive opportunities.

Join tech teams of the future: 

At Andela, we're here to make your life easier. With our groundbreaking, AI-driven platform, we take care of the most important aspects of your job search and provide you with key tools to help you grow your career.

You’ll access everything you need to build your career, from job matching and managing your payments, to support and assessments. 

Work from anywhere: 
Leave the commute behind — find roles matched to your time zone, enabling a healthy, flexible work-life balance. Andela is committed to your growth, breaking down borders, and providing you with access to a global community.

Upskill and thrive: 

Boost your career with essential tools for success. Gain exclusive access to learning opportunities, upskill, advance in your professional journey, and network with global tech experts to develop your expertise.

Access fast, secure payments:

Get rewarded for your talent with exceptional salaries, paid securely and on time. We only work with trusted, vetted companies to ensure you’ll receive on-time payments in the currency of your choosing - even Crypto. On average, our Andela technologists have seen an increase in their income by up to 84%! 

With Andela, wherever you are in the world, you can own your career through impactful, remote roles at global organizations. That is why we say TIA - This. Is. Andela.


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