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Your skills are essential to a complete profile. Adding skills to each job listed in the Work Experience section makes it easier for us to identify the best opportunities for you. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Work Experience section, click Edit on the job where you want to add skills.


2. You can choose from the skills that are already on your profile or search for a new skill.


3. Click on Update

*The skills you add to a specific job will also appear in the Tech Stack & Skills section.


How to remove a skill?

  • You can remove skills from a job, but the skill will remain visible in the Tech Stack & Skills section.
  • If you remove a skill from the Tech Stack & Skills section, it will also be removed from any jobs that included it in the Work Experience section.

Important: You’re limited to only 20 skills in your profile. To add additional skills to a job once you reach this number, you will first need to remove less relevant skills from the Tech Stack & Skills section.

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