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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Match process while you seek your next big role on an engagement. Our Matchers are hard at work seeking opportunities for you that connect well with client requirements. Please check out the article below for your most sought-after answers. 

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png How does matching work?

We have an AI process that's used by our automated client portal that only matches skills entered by the client and the skills showcased in a talent’s profiles. However, we also utilize human matching which considers work experience using those skills, an assessment process completed by Talents when joining the network, past work experience, and feedback from Andela's clients. Additionally, human matching focuses on determining a fit taking into account the nuances of talent soft skills and how best they synergize with the client’s expectations and work environment.

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png How long will it take to get matched?

Being matched for a job depends on many factors, including:

  • Having a complete profile that showcases all the skills and work experience that matches the years imputed for each skill.
  • The programing language that you are using and want to get jobs about. The trends change while new languages or frameworks are introduced in the market.
  • Having a Profile Editor review your profile (everyone enters their review queue upon entry into the network) since they can, and will, attempt to improve all aspects of the profile’s narrative, which is key for clients.
  • Having a competitive rate that will fit the client's budget.

Please check this article to learn how you can maximize your match potential.

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png I have not heard back from the matching team, when should I expect a response?

There is no set rule for when a talent will hear back from a matcher, but there are some things to keep in mind for expectation setting:

  • Matchers experience a high load of messages from applicants -- an average of 50 messages per day.
  • Some jobs could already be filled with presented talents, so they have no need for new talents at the time of your application.
  • It's recommended to read the job description updates because matchers leave messages when they won’t be reviewing new applicants for those jobs.
  • Ideally, in the future, when you apply for a job on the platform, you will be able to see the status of a particular job and a talent's progress. Then matchers will ping you if your application is ready to be processed and your profile should be presented to a client.

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png Why are there no jobs for the skills I search for?

  • Currently, all available jobs are published. If you see no jobs for your skills, that means that we don’t have any at the moment. However, in this dynamic market, you could see a new job for your skills any day, so we strongly recommend you check for jobs every day on our platform.
  • Our clients may ask for certain skills so that you will see more jobs for other programming languages. Usually, our clients follow the trends on the latest technologies, so it’s always great to ask yourself if you are willing to pick up a new programming language or framework to expand your chances of getting a new job.

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png Why are there timezone and/or geographic restrictions?

  • Most of the time our clients have a required timezone overlap to attend some daily meetings and to be able to connect and work simultaneously with the other developers working on the same project.
  • Additionally, some clients have internal and external (fiscal or governmental) policy restrictions that limit the geographies which they can interact with.
  • We try to negotiate as much as possible with the client and agree on something that could be covered by most of our talents.

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png What are some of the top skills clients are looking for (as of September 1, 2022)?

  • Skills: React, Ruby, Node, Golang, Python
  • Roles: Data Engineers, DevOps, Data Scientist  

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png Should I apply for jobs, and is it required?

  • At the moment is not required. Matchers are actively looking for talents inside the network and contacting them for jobs.
  • Only apply for jobs where you are a strong candidate and meet all the must-have requirements; otherwise, you’ll be disadvantaged in front of more experienced and senior applicants. Feel free to find and apply to jobs using the Andela Platform.

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png When should talent reach out to matchers? 

It's best to reach out to matchers when:

  • You want advice on setting competitive rates to open your opportunities.
  • If you are currently engaged and have doubts about the client, the contract, or concerns about the project you are working on.

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png What does a typical client engagement look like?

  • A typical engagement is set for contractors (working full-time, 8 hours per day, 5 days a week)
  • If you joined the network through an agency, the contract is similar, and some extra benefits may vary from agency to agency

AND-Logo-Symbol-Green_Black-RGB__1_.png I joined Andela through an agency. How can I adjust my rate and other details?

  • If you are engaged in the Andela network through an agency, your contract and your payment are managed by your agency. Feel free to discuss these details with them, and they will share the updates with our contracts department. This doesn’t mean that you are excluded from Andela’s benefits and services like medical insurance (we offer options for certain geographies).

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