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This article addresses an engaged Talent's most frequently asked questions that the Delivery team handles daily. 

greenBlackSymbol.jpegWho is Delivery?

Our main goal is to enable Talent to succeed while on an engagement. We provide our Talent with a world-class experience during their engagement journey by: 

  • Being Talent advocates while on an engagement
  • Enabling a Talent’s career growth
  • Resolving issues that talent face during their engagement journey on a daily basis

greenBlackSymbol.jpegHow do we support Talent throughout their journey?

  • Day 0 readiness: We provide seamless onboarding for Talents before they start on engagements. We set the expectations with the talent before kickoff.
  • Kickoffs: We work closely with Client Success Managers to set up kickoff calls with clients on launch date. We ensure that Client and Talent agree upon the right expectations, overlap hours, and milestones. 
  • Day-to-day management: We set up cadences to check on Talent feedback/concerns and address them. We also handle Talent compensation requests, performance concerns, and client conflict resolution. Finally, we work closely with the revenue teams to ensure that we retain talent for active engagements.
  • Talent Experience: We ensure that we address contractor questions, the talent leave/vacation process, compensation requests, and growth for the talent while on an engagement. 
  • Offboarding: We manage the offboarding process for Talent from an engagement and work with Matchers to get them placed on a new engagement. We also work with the Talent Operations team to manage logistics when offboarding a talent member. 

greenBlackSymbol.jpegHow should Talent handle overlap hours once on an engagement?

  • Overlap expectations are agreed upon with the client before kickoff and expectations are shared with the talent during pre-kickoff.
  • You will generally start your day roughly 3-4 hours before the overlap hours to ensure an 8-hour work day.
  • A great tool to keep track of time zones and what time it is for all of your team members is the FIO Chrome extension.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegHow can I request a compensation adjustment?

 There are specific times when it is justifiable to increase your rate, and we recommend that you do so: 

    • After a full year of working on a client engagement.
    • When you master a new skill or use of a new tool.

Refer to this article for more information about requesting an uplift while on an engagement. 

greenBlackSymbol.jpegHow often will I meet with my Delivery Partner (DP)?

  • Your DP will set up a check-in cadence with you, i.e. weekly check-in call with you if you are within the first 30 days of your engagement, then bi-weekly and monthly thereafter. 
  • You can also submit your self-check-in through the Andela platform or directly message your DP.  

greenBlackSymbol.jpegWhy does Andela not provide PTO to contractors?  

With Andela’s contractor model, Talent fully owns their rates and how much they invest in additional benefits such as PTO, medical insurance, etc. This allows more flexibility in ownership vs. the traditional full-time employee (FTE) model. As such, Talent only aligns with Clients regarding vacation time. Vacation compensation should be factored into those rates before joining an engagement.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegDoes unpaid time off include sick leave?

Yes, unpaid time off includes sick leave and other variations of leave.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegHow can I change my contract from an individual to an entity and how long does it take? 

Please submit a request to us via help.andela.com, and the process will be completed between 1 - 2 business days.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegI would like to switch to a full-time employee (FTE). How do I do that?

Andela’s model is contractor-based and does not support an FTE model.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegWhat other support can Andela provide for travel requests apart from introduction letters? 

Andela is currently only able to provide support letters for travel requests. For more information, please click here to access our Visa Support or Engagement Letter? article. 

greenBlackSymbol.jpegIs Andela able to help secure an appointment date with the Embassy for my visa application so I can attend my client’s offsite?

Andela does not support this service at this time. Clients, however, may be able to facilitate the process through partnerships with embassies or consulates.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegI would like to update my LinkedIn profile. Do I state that I work for Andela or my client?
You can do either! You can either include that you work for Andela or your client. 

greenBlackSymbol.jpegI would like to switch engagements. How do I do that?

First, contact your Delivery Partner via Andela Chat to start conversations since we are committed to your career progression. Please know that we recommend staying on an engagement for a year before switching.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegCan I work on two Andela engagements at the same time?

We do not support this as we have seen Talent fail to meet engagement expectations. However, some exceptions may be made.  For example, we can offer weekly engagements of 20h/week (so it's fixed, no time tracking required). Nothing changes from how the usual engagements run outside the half weekly rate and half weekly work hours.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegWhat type of technical support can I get from Talent Partners during my engagement with my client?
Andela can provide support for technical gaps with access to resources such as Grovo, ELSA, and Udemy. This supports ramp-up plans, coaching, and mentoring. Speak to your DP about this. 

greenBlackSymbol.jpegMy contract is only valid for 12 months. How do I renew it?

Your contract has an auto-renewal clause and remains valid until either party (Client or Talent) decides to terminate the contract.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegWhat happens if I want to roll off from my engagement?

If you’re unhappy with an engagement or want to roll off for various reasons, i.e. no professional growth or not aligned with your career goals, please reach out to your Delivery Partner to discuss options and next steps. Even though your engagement with your client may end, you will remain in the Talent Network and will have access to other job opportunities within Andela. Please refer to this article for information about rolling off an engagement. 

greenBlackSymbol.jpegCan my rate be reviewed before my anniversary mark?
Certain criteria must be met for this. Please click here for more details.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegWill my performance be reviewed as part of my client’s cycle or Andela’s?

Your performance will be reviewed in line with expectations set during key moments of your engagement, i.e first 30 days, first 90days, etc., as part of your client’s cycle as Andela’s goal is to ensure that you are fully embedded with your client.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegHow can I get promoted?
Andela no longer facilitates leveling for Talents, but you can get promoted through internal performance review cycles with your client. Please note that this is on a case-by-case basis and does not apply to all clients.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegDoes Andela support Learning and Development?
Yes, we do. We have tons of available resources and partnerships that you can benefit from. Feel free to discuss your growth areas with your Delivery Partner. 

greenBlackSymbol.jpegCan we get an identification card from Andela?
While we currently do not issue ID cards, we are happy to issue you a "letter of introduction" stating your working relationship with Andela. However, we are offering a pilot for all Lagos Andelans who are engaged with a Client for $15 (per card set) including all delivery and printing. Simply fill out this form to order, and you will receive your card in 10 working days.

greenBlackSymbol.jpegHow can I refer someone to join Andela’s Talent Network?

To refer someone to Andela, simply review and complete this form.

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