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Talent check-ins are a quick, easy and effective way to inform the Andela team about your ongoing experience with a client. By providing a centralized location to report and document your progress, check-ins allow you to record various data points over time that ensure positive, productive client engagements.

Talent check-ins provide rich engagement context throughout an engagement. Through regular use, engineers can gain better support on an engagement, track data for future uplift conversations, report feedback or flags that may be raised, and record recent praise and incentives. In short, check-ins allow Talent Network members to efficiently document those major and minor milestones that may be lost throughout an engagement.

Some of the data that you may document in your check-in can include:


  • Recording sentiment—tracking your feelings about a project over time
  • Identifying concerns, blockers, and frustrations—communicating issues that may arise throughout an engagement cycle, including those related to:
    • Engagement/partner
    • Work/tasks
    • Support
    • Andela-related
    • Various other topics


  • Milestones
  • Achievements
  • Partner praise
  • Work/tasks that speak to growth

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