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The Health Insurance Program is designed to elevate Andela’s talent experience across markets and support our community with a sense of security and well-being. We have partnered with healthcare providers around the world to introduce health insurance access* in your country: 

  • High-Quality Healthcare Coverage: Reputable, well-established industry providers for you and your family find coverage that works for YOU.
  • Ease of Service: Guaranteed access, fast enrollment into a healthcare plan for you and your family, stress-free payments, and easy opt-out if a plan is not providing value. 
  • Competitive Premiums: Negotiated down premiums vs. competitors and access to a range of health-related partners offering value-added services to promote health and wellness. 

With access to competitive, high-quality health care services, you have the necessary tools and resources to meet your professional and personal needs. 

Want to get a quote today? Please navigate to our Andela Health page, select your country and submit a request form. You’ll get an email shortly with the next steps to get in touch with one of our trusted partners. 

*This is not a direct benefit that Andela is covering; this is an offering we’ve brought exclusively to our network of Andelans. 

Check out the list of countries where we are currently live: 

Have general questions? Check out our FAQ section or set up a call with our team.  


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