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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Andela Community; we’re delighted that you’re here! We have a lot to offer at Andela, so below are a few tips to get you started.

Screen_Shot_2022-11-17_at_15.05.03.pngWhat to do in your first week in the Andela Community

  • Attend your onboarding call.
  • Browse the Andela Platform: You can find all the available jobs and apply to those that match your skillset in the Andela Platform. This is also where you'll update your profile and view your Andela Assessment badges.

Screen_Shot_2022-07-05_at_11.13.35.pngGetting the most out of Andela’s community space

The best way to connect with other Andelans is to post, react, and comment. We ask that all Andelans use the ASK principles when making any posts in the community: your post should be Actionable, Specific, Kind. Also, to help you get started, we have automatically added you to several channels, but to get the most out of this community, we highly recommend joining some more:

  • #geo- channels: Find your country and connect with other Andelans in your area.
  • #skill- channels: Join technology-specific conversations and share your knowledge.

Screen_Shot_2022-11-17_at_15.06.35.pngMeet your community team!

Nicola Lyons, Feji Ikogho and MC Elias are here to support and guide you in the community! If you have any ideas for the community, would like to host an event, have community-related questions, book a coffee chat with us, or DM us.

Screen_Shot_2022-11-17_at_15.06.41.pngCommunity perks and benefits

Screen_Shot_2022-11-17_at_15.08.49.pngGetting support from Andela

Please stop by our help center and find answers to FAQs. Here is a list of some of our most visited articles:

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for in our help center, message Talent Support (by Foqal), and our team will help you get the answers you're looking for.

Screen_Shot_2022-11-17_at_15.07.08.pngAndela Chat

New to our community space? No worries, we've created a Quick Guide to Andela Chat to help you get settled in.

Andela Chat Mobile apps

Desktop download links

Screen_Shot_2022-07-05_at_11.13.35.pngCode of Conduct

Andela and our community spaces are professional environments. By participating in this community space, you agree to adhere to our Rules of Andela Chat and the Andela Code of Conduct at all times. Andela does not tolerate breaches of this conduct.

Now, it’s time to connect! This is Andela, and we hope you have an great time here.


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