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Think of Andela as a “talent cloud,” where companies in need of trusted technologists can get access to the best talent from nearly anywhere in the world. Andela finds the best people, assesses them against a robust framework, matches them to client teams, provides all the infrastructure needed to hire them, and works with our clients over the long term to scale their organizations.

The Andela model

Andela talent works with clients as an extension of their internal teams. The model includes the following functions:


Simply, we find the best people for the Andela network in this phase. 

We also know the strength of the Andela network is that you know many other smart people who would be a great fit to work with us.  We run referral programs for specific skill sets which you can learn more about in our referrals articles. 


In this phase, we want to ensure that Andela recruits the best technologist for client projects. This involves English language and technical tests as well as interviews with our fantastic assessment team.


“Match” means, primarily, the function of “matching” an Andelan engineer to the most appropriate client engagement. The Matching team is responsible for ensuring that our engineers are staffed for the projects where they will add the most value. 


Once matched with a client engagement, you will be onboarded and start to deliver value to our client. In this phase, Andela will provide you with support and guidance where needed. We know that all Andelan’s can rock your client's engagement and be E.P.I.C. every day!

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