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One of the biggest questions we receive, particularly from new Andelans, is how Andela works. We recommend following these 4 steps to familiarize yourself with the process and be ready to engage with a client.

1. Polish your profile (1-2 hours)

The Andela team provides a variety of guidance and resources to help with your profile

We recommend you to review all of these, especially:

  • How to create a stellar Andela profile—an overview of profile sections and tips for creating each one. 

2. Finding roles (time frame varies)

Once your profile is complete, it’s time to start looking for roles. The Finding Roles section has more details about the methods of finding work, so we recommend you read it thoroughly. 

3. Setting your rate (30 minutes)

Andela’s rate-setting philosophy is simple: Our mission is to get you the best opportunity and to be paid well for it. 

At this time, rates are set for individual client engagements based on your pay expectations, your prior experience, and the particular needs of the Andela client on that engagement.

For more details, read the How pay rate is set and agreed at Andela article.

4. During your engagement (typically 12+ months)

Andela engagements will embed you directly with your new team and last 18 months on average. During this time, our team will provide services and guidance to help with everything ranging from day-to-day questions to IT Support, community events, and upskilling opportunities. These services are well documented in the On Engagements help article and include.

You can always search Andela Help or reach out to the Andela team via #support with questions or concerns when in doubt.

Finding roles

Once your profile is complete, it’s time to start looking for roles. At a high level, the two main methods of finding roles are:

1. Getting matched: The Andela team has a group of Technical Matchers who are continuously cross-referencing your profile skills against open roles. If you look like a good fit for a role, a Technical Matcher will reach out via Andela Chat or Email to ask clarifying questions and potentially schedule interviews. You can also contact Andela Technical Matchers in the #ask-matchers with any questions about getting matched or currently available roles. 

*Protip 1: Technical Matchers rely heavily on your profile. Make sure it is up to date, accurate,
and thorough!

*Protip 2: Check Andela Chat and Email frequently! If our team can’t contact you, we can’t let you know about open roles.

2. Applying for roles: In addition to the Andela team searching for roles that fit your skill set, we also allow you to view new roles as they become available. These roles are available directly in the Dashboard where you will see your top recommended jobs, or in the Jobs tab, where you can search and filter to find jobs based on your interests

When being considered for a role, you will often need to interview with the hiring manager or other potential team members. To help with this process, go to the Client Interview article.

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