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Q: Why isn't 2SV working for me in my geo (Nigeria, Canada, Saudi Arabia)

We have a great Help Center article all about this. You can check it out here.

Q: Do I need to enter the code every time I sign in?

If accessing your account on a trusted computer, you need to enter a new code every 30 days or after deleting your web browser's cookies. On the sign-in page click the option to "Remember this computer for 30 days", and you won't have to re-enter your code for 30 days. Do not select this option on a public or shared computer.

Q: Will my password change once 2SV is set up?

No, your password stays the same.

Q: What if I don't have my mobile phone when I need to sign in?

You should print or download a list of backup codes from the 2-step verification settings page, and use them when you don't have your phone. Otherwise, you can contact your company's IT team, who can temporarily disable 2-step verification. Alternatively, you can have the code sent to the backup phone number you indicated in 2SV settings.

Q: I just enrolled in 2-step verification, and now I can't access email on my phone.

After you enroll in 2-step verification, create an application-specific password and enter it into the device/application instead of your normal password. This is a one-time process--(see Using 2-step).

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