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Here’s a high-level overview of Andela’s Talent Master Service Agreement (MSA) policy, the accompanying Statement of Work(SoW), and information on how these terms affect the Andela <> Talent relationship. 🤝  

What is a Master Service Agreement (MSA)?

  • It is an internal contract governing the terms to provide work for Andela’s clients. 
  • It is not an offer of engagement. 
  • It is not subject to labor or engagement law.

The MSA is shared with any Talent/Contractor when assigned to the Client.

Note: Contractor’s MSA with Andela is non-exclusive.

What describes the Schedule of Work (SoW)?

  • The Client the Talent will performance the Work for
  • Gross fees payable (no tax deductions)
  • Term of the engagement (initial and subsequent terms)
  • Any special clauses - bonuses, work tools, etc. (at the sole discretion of Andela)

Note: Each SoW forms part of the MSA signed by Andela and Talent. 

Contract vs. FTE 


*Ideally, only one MSA should be given with accompanying SoWs.

Work & Term

You, as an engaged Talent, need to perform work for Andela’s Client (Work is described in the SoW and billed at the rate set by the contractor).

Work outline/process, timelines, plan, and execution are coordinated by the Client and Contractor independent of Andela.

Note: After the first 12 months and in the event the M.S.A is not terminated. It would auto-renew for additional 12 months or longer.

Fees & Benefits

All fees paid to the contractor are set out in the accompanying SoW and subsequent SoWs. Contractors are paid only for the work they do. Once an engagement terminates, payment stops, and the contractor returns to the talent pool until assigned to another client under a new SoW.

The talent is: 

  • Not entitled to any engagement benefits plans
  • Responsible for paying taxes
  • Responsible for permits or licenses to necessary to perform the work 

Note: Fees and benefits are grossed up. No tax deductions

Trial Period - 30 Business days

It’s a period of assessment/review of the Talent’s skills and works performance-ability to work reasonably. 

Grounds for termination

  • Performance falling below objectively reasonable standards & misconduct.
  • Termination notice during the trial period is immediate.
  • Prorated fees are paid for the days worked.

Note: The contractor or client may terminate during a trial period.


Termination may be initiated by Andela or Talent by giving 30 days (not business days) written notice (email is sufficient). You need to transfer/transition IP to the client.

  • When the client or Andela terminates an M.S.A, the relationship with the Talent ceases. 
  • When you terminate the SoW, the talent rolls back to the talent pool.

Worktools (Bring Your Own Device - BYOD)

For more information you can go to our Bring your own device article. 

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