Requesting an Uplift While on an Engagement

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Typically you set your desired rate at the start of your engagement with the matcher, but after some tenure or when your role changes you may be considering wanting a rate review. A rate increase is not guaranteed, and depends on a lot of factors. For example, it is related to the Client's budget for your role or the team overall or the project you are working on and the Client's perception and understanding of your performance. Our Andela Delivery team work with you to ensure it's clear why a change in rate is necessary and they present your case for any changes in rate to the Clients to maximise your chances.

How to request an uplift or conversation while on engagement?

There are specific times when it is justifiable to raise a rate increase review, such as:

  • After a full year of working on a client engagement.
  • When you master a new skill or use of a new tool.

Process For Rate Change Requests:

We advise you to approach the discussion thoughtfully, knowing that this is the rate you’re advocating for and locking in for at least 1 year.

To initiate the process, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Complete this form
  • A Delivery Partner (TDM/TSP) member will reach out to you within 48hrs to coordinate a call to discuss:
    • Reasons for rate review, and
    • To clearly set expectations.
  • Delivery will review the form and connect with the Match team to review your rate expectations and validate the reasonableness of it based on various factors like years of experience, skillset, and the market.
  • Delivery and the Client team will discuss with your Client if necessary or your role scope has been impacted
    • Please be patient as this checkpoint can sometimes take time for the Client to review their budgets or handle any unexpected changes.
  • If your ask is reasonable and is approved; we’ll aim to seek the uplift for you and apply it with a specific date as communicated to you.

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