How can Andela support me with worktools?

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Andela can support you by issuing out loaner units where applicable* or a cash advance. A loaner unit can be issued to you if you are only located in one of Andela’s locations.**

 A loaner unit is issued when:

  • Your laptop is not an Andela BYOD standard or does not meet the client’s requirements. This will be issued for a temporary period defined by IT until you can purchase a standard device. 
  • You are financially unable to purchase a laptop immediately for your client's work. 
  • Your laptop is stolen and you are not in the position to purchase another at the moment and will need a temporary replacement if on an engagement.

Steps to have the loaner unit issued:

  • Submit a request asking for a temporary laptop and stating your reason for a loaner. 
  • Your Delivery Partner will follow up with IT in the country you are located and inform you about the physical location, collection time, date, and the IT representative you'll work with. 

If you are outside our Andela locations,** you can request a cash advance.  

*Also dependent on availability

**Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda only

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