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What is the policy and process for submitting my time off?

Contractors are not eligible for paid time off, and will not be paid for any days not working. This includes national holidays.The default for requesting time off is always client preference. For additional guidance, see How to request time off?

Time Off Process - Simple Steps

1. Speak with your Client's Engineering Manager about your time off request with reasonable notice for approval. This includes local country holidays.

  • General guidance
        • If the client gives no separate guidance, requests should be made at least four weeks in advance.
        • For eight or more consecutive leave days at least two months notice in advance is required.
        • Follow any team protocols on the client-side for their specific team, such as sharing out-of-office days in a team calendar.

2. Process

  • Schedule the approved time off directly in the Andela Platform.

3. Inform

  • As a matter of courtesy, send your assigned Talent Delivery Partner (TDM/TSP) a message via Andela Chat, letting them know about the scheduled time off.

If you have any additional questions, speak with your Talent Delivery Partner (TDM/TSP), or submit a ticket to the Andela support team at

Using the Time Off Tracker 

  • An automated reminder email will arrive at your Andela inbox 2x per month
  • The email contains a link to update your time off in the platform in <2 minutes
  • The email also has a button that you click to confirm that your time off is up to date



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