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The reimbursement process is initiated when an engineer has paid for something using his/her cash while Andela or the Client were planning to cover it. Examples; meals, gifts, etc…In some scenarios, a client will reach out and inform Andela that he wants to treat Engineers on his engagement with a meal or a gift to be sent on a specific day. In other scenarios, your manager in Andela might decide to treat Engineers on his team as part of a team bonding activity that he is planning for. Those requests will be shared with the Procurement Team who in return will inform Engineers.

Reimbursements are mainly happening in locations where the Procurement Team has no access to gift cards, meals applications, or platforms that would allow them to treat the engineer directly avoiding reimbursement. If you are located in one of those locations, the Procurement Team will be sharing the exact amount that has been assigned to you and the items that this amount is meant to be spent in.


Important Notes:

1- For requests outside meals, please make sure to check with the Procurement Team first (as below). Procurement has a USD card valid for online purchases where they can support you in online purchase from local stores.

2- Make sure to purchase what the Procurement Team has communicated and not anything else.  If the amount shared is meant for a meal purchase then this is the only thing you should purchase with this amount and purchasing any other will not make you eligible for reimbursement. 

3- Always keep the receipt of your purchase. This should be shared with procurement for reimbursement.

4- There is a specific window for purchase which is 3 weeks, if the purchase is done after 3 weeks from the request’s date, Andela will not be able to reimburse the amount.

5- You can exceed the amount stated but you will only get reimbursed the approved amount.

6- For FTE, the transfer will happen after a week from submitting your receipts.

7- For Contractors, It will be sent with the next paycheck transferred to Deel.


Getting in touch with the Procurement team

In case you have not received the transfer after submitting your receipts, and all the required documents stated by the Procurement Team then please Submit a new ticket on Zendesk to the Procurement Team following the below steps:

1- Log into Google workspace, choose Zendesk.

2- Submit a new ticket, choose procurement

3- Title: Reimbursement - Type of purchase

4- Add any additional context needed that helps in understanding the challenge.

5- Submit the ticket and someone from the Procurement Team will reach out to you within their SLA and discuss with finance the reasons behind the delay.

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