Who is my line manager and how does Andela support me on an engagement?

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The Talent Delivery Team(TD), enables the success of remote teams of embedded software engineers, by leveraging embedded delivery management, engineer quality control, onboarding risk management, performance management, and delivery health & reporting. We also identify, simplify, and enhance delivery protocols/programs, needed to successfully scale with our Clients. 

Functional alignment

We’ve organized to provide consistent and scalable support of Clients/Engineers across business segments. Our Technical Delivery and Delivery Program (TDM/DC) assignment rubric prioritises enhancement of  Engineer performance with Clients, so as to create work impact that expands our relationships with Clients.


Engineers on SMB and Enterprise segments have access to the strong team of Talent Delivery Team with its members having technical, operational and commercial expertise. The TD team works together and are available at all times to ensure the needs of engineers who work with these clients are met. TD team ensures exceptional delivery to our key stakeholders: clients and engineers.

All clients work with Client Partners(CP) who handle contract and relationship management with the clients. As CPs are mainly concerned with the commercial part, you will deal directly with them on very rare occasions, if any.

In essence, The Talent Delivery (TD) team will support you during the onboarding process and beyond. TD team members are focused on making globally distributed teamwork seamless. All engineers regardless of  the client segment placed in would experience tailored support to manage delivery, performance, operational success, and resolution of any challenges you face while being fully embedded in the client’s team. 

It is our mission to prove to every client Andela works with that we care about the success of the engagement, the Talent Network members, and ultimately, the partnership. Your success as an Engineer is our Success.

How Talent Delivery Supports You

The Delivery Team  supports you in a variety of ways:

  • General Inquiries - Talent questions, scheduling leave, etc
  • Engineer Concerns - Feedback, performance issues, conflict resolution
  • Seamless Delivery - Onboarding, offboarding, remote work support, reimbursements
  • Technical support and concerns

You can reach your assigned DC/TDM or log a ticket to get support.

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