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Prior to onboarding (Kick-off) with a client, A Delivery Partner (TDM/DC) from the Talent Delivery Team will reach out to you to take you through onboarding and make sure you are ready for your kick-off with the client. The  Delivery Partner will be your point of contact throughout the engagement and will support you to successfully deliver on the team by being available to respond to any query, concern, and feedback you share.  

Some common information that you need to be aware of are listed below, but please note that this information may change based on client needs:

  • Ensuring you are aware of key logistical information such as start date, support structure, and overlap hours
  • Understand the expectations of overlap with your Client’s timezone. This is often a minimum of 5 hours, especially in the first 90 days of the engagement.
  • Providing you with important facts about the client (Where needed)
  • Providing you with important facts about the work you’ll be performing (Where applicable)
  • Make sure you feel welcome and prepared to do your best work, and you have clear expectations for your first 30,60, and 90 days.
  • Ensuring you are set up from a technology and infrastructure perspective.

Never hesitate to ask your Delivery Partner (TDM/DC) for more details in regards to the engagement - their job is to help you onboard quickly and efficiently!

Success on a Client Engagement

Clients’ expectations differ from one client to another, especially for the 30, 60, and 90 days. It is mainly dependent on your role, which team you will be part of, and above all; the client’s expectations for you. Please think of these expectations as suggestions for success by which the client evaluates your performance.

Day 0 - Readiness Expectations

Prior to joining a client there are several steps all Talent Network members are expected to have complete:

  1. Internet/ISP Setup - Minimum 10Mbps, Unlimited data, Fibre
  2. Devices / Hardware requirements are met
  3. Power expectations are met
  4. Workstation - Table, Ergonomic chair, Monitor, Headset
  5. VPN - Where applicable, may require up to 20 working days to get set up depending on location

In some scenarios, a client might ask for a specific device, a higher specs laptop, and the engineer will need to secure that. Some clients might also request that engineers use one of their laptops for security reasons and in this case, a laptop will be sent to the engineer.

Below is a sample of what the 7/30/60/90 days expectations would look like, please note that clients’ expectations differ, as such, this can be different based on your client.

Day 7 

  • Complete set-up & onboarding sessions 
  • Meet the team 
  • Learning the macro & micro landscape of the company/product
  • Begin Pair Programing
  • Complete documentation 

Day 30

  • Gain Expertise 
    • Identify knowledge gaps 
    • Understand ramp plans needed (if not already identified) 
    • Master the most critical knowledge
  • Get productive, week 2
    • Bug Fixes 
    • 2 PR edits with mentor
  • Complete pair programming

Day 60/90 

  • Contributing actively to their project/product team.
  • Fully embedded in the team and actively, daily communicating with the team.  

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