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Andela has two very important stakeholder groups: our engineers and our clients. Oftentimes we’re working in partnership with both groups to align on everyone’s best interests.

If you’re unhappy with an engagement, if you feel you’re not growing professionally, or if you’d like to better understand how to reach your career goals, please reach out to your Delivery Partner/TDM. We’d like to work with you and the client to align on the best pathway forward so your goals can be achieved while reducing disruption to the client. 

In most cases, we can achieve both your and your client’s goals so it’s a win for both parties! However, there certainly are times when you may elect to roll off of your engagement.

Please note that our standard timeframe on an engagement is at least a year as both Peakon & our client NPS tell us that stability is important to our engineers and clients.

If you are rolling off of your engagement, it’s important that this is carried out in a professional and productive manner. Please follow the below steps:  

  • Contact your Delivery Partner/TDM to discuss your possible roll-off as soon as possible and provide a target roll-off date aligned to your notice period of at least 30 days. If there’s flexibility to roll off sooner, your Delivery Partner/TDM will let you know
  • Please email notice of your resignation  

Please email notice of your resignation to your Delivery Partner/TDM and for the engagement in the email. Include ‘Resignation’ in the Subject of the email so we know what it relates to and can attend to it at the earliest opportunity.

Be sure to include the following within the email:

  1. The Name of the Client you are on the engagement with
  2. How long you have been on the engagement
  3. The final date you will be working on the engagement (remember to factor in the 30 day notice period as mentioned above)
  4. Any other information you deem necessary for us to be aware of
  • Schedule a one-on-one call with a ​​Talent Delivery Team member to discuss the roll off process and any tasks that need to be completed
  • Determine with the Talent Delivery Team how to inform the client of the transition
  • Complete any open tasks and documentation with the utmost integrity as it’s important to leave your engagement in good standing

In some situations, the Client may end the engagement due to commercial or other reasons which would mean you will have to offboard with the client. In this case, a Delivery Partner/TDM will be in touch with you to explain the situation and provide support for offboarding.

If you want to find a new engagement with Andela after rolling off, it’s important to update your Andela profile. 

Each roll off situation is unique, so we encourage you to be proactive and professional while informing all stakeholders. The Andela team is here to help you so please make them your first point of contact!

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