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Andela is always looking for new clients to work with and as an Engineer you can refer a Client to receive a bonus of $1000. 

Criteria for Client referral

Before referring a Client to Andela, it is important to check if the Client meets the below criteria:

  • For Prospects based in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe: 
    • 50+ employees 
    • Your contact is in Engineering Leadership 
  • For Prospects outside of the key regions listed above : 
    • 200+ employees 
    • Your contact is in Engineering Leadership 

How to refer a Client for referral

If the Client meets all the criteria above, please email to start the referral process.

When is the referral bonus paid out? 

  • 90 days after the first engineer has launched 

How do I qualify for the referral bonus? 

  • The client must sign a contract and launch at least one engineer
  • The client company must NOT have been already been in touch with Andela over the last 6 months 
  • You must be in the Andela Talent Network

Should I actively reach out to companies? 

  • No, you should not actively reach out to anyone - these rules only apply to companies/people that have reached out to you

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