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At Andela you will be responsible for practicing world class security protocols! To do this, you will need to practice:

Data Confidentiality

  • Only install applications from trusted sources.
  • Always yield to browser warnings.
  • Always double check links to ensure they lead where they should.
  • Do not give anyone access to your device without you being physically present.

Device Security

For all Andelans, we advise you take the following steps to secure your device.


  • Use strong passwords that contain a minimum of 8 characters and has special characters
  • Do not use the same passwords across multiple locations, if you must, always make a variation.
  • It is always best to combine numbers and letters to make the password alphanumeric.
  • Avoid using guessable combinations e.g Birthday date, phone number, Debit/Credit Card number

Other advice

  • Enable Screen Lock on mobile phones/tablet/phablets
  • Exercise connectivity best practice
    • Always and only connect to a WiFi network with a password. 
    • Avoid free WiFi that you did not have to input a password to connect
    • Always check that your preferred video device/extended screen is selected as the input/output source.
    • Always check resource utilisation in Activity monitor (use spotlight to search for it).

Advice for Mac users;

      • Enable FileVault
      • Turn On Firewall

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