Do I require a VPN for any engagement?

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Access to VPN is a must for some clients and can impact the engineer’s delivery during engagements causing risk of churn, but is not required for all engagements. Before an engineer joins a new engagement, Andela makes sure to discuss the client’s requirements for this engagement and if there is a need for VPN setup or any other. However, In some cases the client might change his system setup or require the engineer to work on a new/different project that needs VPN setup. 

For similar scenarios, the delivery partner team in collaboration with IT have created a list and identified the different locations where VPN is a challenge for either being illegal or banned, and the best practice for some of those locations. In some countries; you will have to comply with certain conditions while other governments will just not allow you to access a VPN. In other cases, you’ll have to go through a series of approval processes

Both teams (CS-IT) will be supporting you in this process and seeing it through to completion while sharing possible solutions/alternatives.

If you are currently in an engagement and your client has raised the need for VPN, kindly follow this process:

  1. Submit a request ASAP on Zendesk addressed to delivery partner team
  2. Title: VPN Access-Client’s name. 
  3. Share any necessary context related to the project, challenge, or partner’s need.
    1. CC the TDM (Technical Delivery Manager) or Delivery Partners/Delivery Coordinator responsible for your account.
  4. A delivery partner specialist will share your request with IT and coordinate for work sessions to discuss possible solutions and provide guidance on the next steps based on your location.
  5. Make sure to align with your TDM or Delivery Partners/Delivery Coordinator for setting expectations with the client and sharing timelines for resolution.

Below are some possible/short-term solutions for urgent tasks (Applied where applicable):

  • VPN Applications.
  • Coworking spaces that have VPN access.

Those alternatives, especially the VPN APPs, have no guarantee to work in all locations/cases. VPN Apps must be supervised by IT and CS to protect the partner’s data.

Below shows the top countries with government restrictions or where VPN is illegal, and best practice for government restrictions.



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