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The EPIC Challenge

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🏆 The EPIC Challenge is back🏆

This two-part coding challenge is in honor of Andela's 10-year anniversary. All Andela technologists, including Codewarriors, the Andela Learning Community, and Andela-certified technologists are invited to participate. Read the guidelines below and join us in this EPIC competition!

For Codewarriors only:

This is a kata creation challenge! All celebration-themed kata (think birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, getting a new job, weddings, and more) created and approved between April 29 and May 17, 2024 will stand a chance to win a cash prize! Your kata must be available in Java, Javascript, Python, or SQL.

On May 22, 2024, we will announce our two winning kata:

  • First place will go to the most challenging 7 or 8 Kyu kata - and win a whopping $100!
  • Our Andela engineering staff will select second place, based on creativity and entertainment value. Second place will take home $50. 

For Andela-certified technologists and Andela Learning Community (ALC) only:

Are you ready to test your coding skills? Andelans will be challenged to submit a successful solution to our winning Kata. To participate, Andela-certified technologists and ALC members should join the Andelaversary2024 clan in Codewars.

Solve one of our winning Kata below to enter the prize raffle. 

🥷 Blowing Birthday Candles
You are celebrating your birthday with special numbered candles on the cake, each requiring a certain number of blows to extinguish. You need to determine the total number of blows needed to extinguish all the candles.
Languages available: JavaScript, Python, Lambda, Calc, C#, Java, PHP, and Prolog.
Attempt this Kata here.


🥷 Uncovering ABC Kata Solutions' most extravagant departmental expenses
The CFO launches a challenge to identify departments with the most extravagant expenses. Financial data will reveal the top five departments with unique spending, showcasing the company's distinct corporate culture as it enters a new decade.
Languages available: SQL
Attempt this Kata here.

All Andela and ALC members who submit a correct solution for either Kata and are part of the Andelaversary2024 clan will be entered in a random draw to win an $80 Hoppier card. In honor of our 10-year celebration, we’ll select 10 lucky winners! Winners will be announced on June 10 via Andela Chat, Circle, and email in the announcement channels.

Read the full terms and conditions here. Good luck, Andelans!


Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How do I join the Andelaversary2024 clan? To join the Andelaversary2024 clan, head to your settings and add the clan to your profile. Once you're done, don't forget to click save. Watch this quick video for a step-by-step guide. 

  • How will the prize money be distributed? Andela will award the prize money via Hoppier gift cards. Restrictions apply.

  • Can I participate in both parts of the challenge? ALC members and Andela-certified talent with an existing Codewars account may participate in both parts of the challenge by submitting a celebration-themed Kata and solving the alternative winning Kata.

  • Will solving both Kata give me an additional entry into the challenge?  While solving both Kata is an EPIC accomplishment, and you should be proud, you will only be entered into the random draw once. We hope that having two Kata available will give more Andelans a chance to participate.

  • How do I register for Codewars? Codewars is free to join! To create an account, please head to Codewars and register. If you are an Andela Certified technologist, you have access to the premium subscription, Codewars Red, indefinitely. To claim your subscription, head over to your Andela Talent Cloud dashboard and click on the banner (as shown below).


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