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Starting August 15, 2023, all new talent, and later existing talent, with Andela will not be given emails. Instead, we will use an Email Provisioning Service (EPS) to utilize aliases to mask personal talent and client emails under the Andela brand. 

We will be phasing out all Andela Google email addresses (e.i., emails ending in

Instead, you will use your personal email address to communicate with clients - the one you’re using to log into right now. This means that you'll only need to manage one email account, making communication much simpler and hassle-free. Even better, we will use an email provisioning service (EPS) to mask your personal email address, ensuring your privacy is always protected.

Here's an example of how this will work:

Let's say your personal email is When you email a client, they will see '' as the sender, not your personal email address. This 'masked' email address will be [name] When the client responds to '', the message will be filtered through the EPS and sent back to your personal email address, ''. This will ensure that your email address remains private and secure.

Why make this change?

📧 Simplicity: Managing multiple email accounts is a hassle. Too often, important emails slip between the cracks when you’re toggling between multiple email workspaces. Relying on one email for your job search efforts through Andela streamlines your communication flow. You’re already logging into the Talent Platform with your personal email, and now that’s the only email you’ll need to keep track of to connect with world-class clients. 

🔐 Privacy: Throughout this process, your privacy is a top priority. This is why ‘masking’ via an EPS is crucial to the new communication flow. Your email address will remain private to prevent exposure to outside parties.

📆 Please take note of the important dates below:

  1. New Andelans or those who haven't logged into a Google account are already being transitioned. No action is needed.

  2. Andelans not on engagements yet will move to the EPS on September 18, while their Google accounts will be deleted on October 9.

  3. Andelans on engagements will transition on October 16, with their Google accounts deleted on October 30.

By the end of 2023, all talent will exclusively use emails. For that reason, please make sure that you download all your Google data saved. For more information click on the following article How to download Google Data.


If an email is not provisioned on time or correctly, please contact Talent Support for help! 

** Any Andela Talent currently identified as an FTEs will not be affected by this change. 

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