What is a W8?

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The [W-8BEN / W-8BEN-E] document is an official U.S. tax document intended for non-U.S. Persons. Andela and the IRS use these forms to determine your residency status within the U.S. and establish the appropriate tax obligations, if applicable, related to your engagement with Andela. It’s mandatory that you have this form on file before you can withdraw any funds from Andela.

The [W-8BEN / W-8BEN-E] document has been automatically pre-filled with the information you provided during AndelaPay onboarding based on your status as a non-U.S. individual or entity.

Andela is required to collect the W-8 form as proof that you are a non-U.S. Person. If you are a U.S. Person or do not provide a complete and valid W-8 Form, Andela will be required to withhold up to 30% of your future earnings from Andela and send that withholding tax to the U.S. IRS.

In certain circumstances, we may disclose the data in your W-8 form with applicable U.S. tax authorities or as otherwise required by applicable law.

None of this information will be displayed publicly on Andela.

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