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Profile Scoring is an Andela platform feature that provides talent with completion insights to talent profiles. This feature scores talent profiles on a scale of 0-100% and outlines specific profile-related tasks to finish so talent can efficiently improve their profiles.

The importance of profile completion

Andela feeds the data collected from talent profiles into our Match Algorithm to accurately match talent. The more profile data provided by talent, the more accurately they'll be matched! Additionally, because talent profiles are visible to Matchers and Clients, earning a100% profile score makes a strong first impression.

How Profile Scoring Works

Each section of the talent profile is calculated into a points system. Each completed section is rewarded with a weighted, predetermined amount of points, boosting your overall profile completion percentage. Earn more points to level up through the following rankings:

Bronze Level = 50% completion

Silver Level = 75% completion

Gold = 100% completion

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