How to connect with support on Andela Chat!

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If you'd like to raise a ticket or seek support while using Andela Chat, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find Talent Support (by Foqal) using the search bar on the top left corner 🔍 or DM Talent Support (by Foqal)
  2. Type your question directly into the chat to raise a ticket.
  3. Add any necessary details or attachments to the conversation thread (remember, one thread = one ticket).
  4. Ensure your notifications are turned on to receive updates on our replies.

This allows you to safely send sensitive information to our team, and all communications are returned to you alone. 


P.S. This is NOT a live chat. All tickets are answered in the order that they were received.


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If you don't hear back from us within one business day, please reach out to us here, and let us know! We may need to check out the bot to make sure that everything is in working order!

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