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Andela Assessments is our new certification tool that allows you to assess your skills in any of our available practice areas. This tool is designed to help you showcase your skills in any of the practice areas we offer. With Andela Assessments, you can streamline the match process and increase your marketability by highlighting your unique strengths. The best part? When you pass an Andela Assessment, you'll earn a badge on your talent profile that's visible to Matchers!

Taking an Andela Assessment is easy! You can start them directly from your dashboard in the Andela Platform. Simply select your skill and you’ll be redirected to our secure assessment tool.

Our integration with Qualified’s developer assessment software ensures each assessment incorporates real-life use cases and role-specific questions designed by industry experts. Leverage Andela Assessments so you can stand out to Matchers and show off your skills.

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⭐Assessment Tips for Success

Make your first attempt count! There is a 30-day waiting period to retake the assessment after a failed attempt, so make sure you prepare well before jumping in. We recommend reviewing fundamental concepts to give you the best chance of success. We're rooting for you!

Set aside dedicated time to take your assessment.  Each assessment provides a time estimate for completion. You will not be stopped from completing your assessment if you exceed the time estimate. Note that some of the challenges have their own time limit. You will be notified before beginning any timed challenge, and you can pause between challenges if you need.

Turn on your webcam. To ensure the integrity of assessment results, you will be requested to turn on your webcam while attempting your assessment. You may refuse to turn on your webcam and discontinue the assessment. Information on your recorded data and privacy can be found here.

Practice coding challenges on Codewars.Before taking any test, it’s always a good idea to practice! Brush up on your skills by completing code challenges on Codewars. With over 10,000 challenges to choose from spanning 58 programming languages, Codewars is the ultimate place to train before taking your assessment.

The assessment challenges are eliminatory. If you’ve failed the first section of the assessment, you won’t be able to achieve an overall passing score as this section covers fundamental concepts and is considered a critical portion of the test. However, we encourage you to continue the assessment because passing the next two sections proves your real-world abilities! 



  • Which skill(s) should I assess?
    We suggest assessing yourself in your top skills first since you're most likely looking for roles that involve using those skills.
  • Where can I see my assessment results?
    You'll be able to see passing results from the dashboard of the Talent Platform. You'll be notified via email if you fail. 
  • What happens if I fail an assessment?
    Failed assessments won’t show up on your profile, but you’ll have to wait 30 days before retaking it. Take some time to prepare for the next one. You got this!
  • Can I retake an assessment?
    Yes, you have the opportunity to retake the assessment 30 days after a failed attempt. While there are no exceptions during the EPIC Challenge, we recommend trying a different assessment so you can secure your entries into the prize draw.
  • Can I take a practice assessment:
    You cannot take a practice Andela Assessment. However, you can complete a quick assessment platform demo to understand how the environment works before you start the assessment. This is offered before you begin your assessment.
  • Will I have to take another assessment during the client interview?

    Our Match and Client teams are working hard to streamline the process as much as possible and to sway clients to make exceptions in their standard hiring practices for Andelans. This is a really difficult task, so the Andela Assessments are a great tool that increases trust and assures clients that you're the best technologist in the market. Ultimately, the decision for more tests during the hiring process is up to the client, but we're working towards a streamlined process that works for everyone. 

  • Will failing an assessment negatively impact my job search or match timeline?

    If you don't pass the assessment, you can retake it after just 30 days! In the meantime, you can still apply to jobs that don't require the same assessment. Plus, why limit yourself? Explore other job opportunities that require different skill assessments and keep expanding your horizons. We're confident in your abilities and know that success is just around the corner. Keep up the great work!

  • Why do we need to take an assessment after we’ve already taken an assessment to join Andela?

    Assessments are a great tool to help you find your next role quickly and efficiently. By taking these tests, you'll be able to showcase your skills and match with clients more easily. Although it's not a guarantee, it definitely gives us more leverage! 

    We've also noticed that when candidates take assessments aligned with the job's specific language or skills, they're more likely to pass the initial screening and interviews with clients. It's all about investing that upfront time to reap the rewards later on. 

  • I haven't found a job in months; with the new process, how can Andela support me to find a job faster?

    Our assessment tool is designed to help you prepare for your dream role by providing you with real-world scenarios that you can use to build your confidence. Our qualified assessment offers clients more data and greater confidence when it comes to making hiring decisions. This data is meaningful to clients who are looking to hire Andela technologists, and it helps us build trust with them, which streamlines the hiring process. Passing an Andela assessment can help you get matched faster, and it is a powerful tool that sets you apart from other technologists. When you pass an assessment, you will receive a badge on your profile that matchers and clients will see, which is a great way to showcase your skills and expertise. We are excited to help you achieve your goals and succeed in your career!

  • After passing the assessment, what else must I do so the client considers me? 

    The rest is easy! After passing the assessments your profile will shine in front of clients and matchers. But by following the next tips, you’ll surely land your dream job!

    1. Ensure your profile is up to date, and that you’ve filled in each section.  

    2. Only apply to jobs if you match all the required skills. Our matchers are looking for the best candidates for each role. To set yourself up for success, double-check that you match the job's required skills before you apply. 

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