Rolling off Deel: What to expect

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Marla Dalmau
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What happens to my Deel account?

You will continue to have access to your Deel account; however, your contract on Deel will be terminated. This does not affect access to any funds you still hold with Deel, and your account will not be deleted. 

Can I stay on Deel? 

We’ll be rolling all talent onto our new system on a country-by-country basis and will not be able to make any exceptions. As we integrate with additional wallet providers, you can always change your payout option for the next month’s payroll from the list of wallets available in your country. 

What happens to my Deel balance? 

Your Deel balance will remain available to you. However, according to Deel, you must still cash out your balance within 30 days of receipt. 

Can I still use Deel Advance?

You will no longer be able to take out a cash advance using Deel Advance.

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