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Why can't I log into my Andela Talent Cloud account?

If you can't access your Andela Talent Cloud account, please follow these instructions: 

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your registered personal email and password when first creating your account. 

  3. Click "Log in," and you'll be taken to your dashboard. (If you don't remember your password, click "Forgot password") Screenshot
  4. Enter your personal email and click "Send recovery instructions."  
  5. You will receive an email that looks like this. Click "Reset Password."
  6.  Enter a new password. 
  7. Return to and enter your personal email as in step 2 with the new password you just created. 
  8. If you didn't receive a reset password email, please click "Submit a Request" at the top of this help center article page, and our support team can help you recover your account. 
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