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Access to the Andela Platform requires the use of your personal email only (and not your EPS email). If you can't log in, please follow the following instructions: 

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your personal email in the email address field (as shown in the attachment) and password.

  3. Click Log in, and you'll be taken to your Talent Dashboard. 

  4. If you're still not authenticating, move to click Forgot password.


5. Enter your personal email and
click send recovery instructions


6. You will have received an email that looks like this. Click Reset Password.


7. Enter a new password and click Create my account

8. Return to and enter your personal email as in step 2 with the new password you just created.

9. If you didn't receive a recovery email, please click Submit a Request, and our Support team can help you recover your account. 



Why does Andela require me to log in with my personal email address as of May 2023?  It’s a high priority that you continue to have a streamlined experience. Instead of remembering multiple email credentials to log in to the Andela Talent Platform, you’ll only need one, your personal email address. 

Are Andela email addresses gone forever?  No! In the future, Andela will offer an Email Provisioning Service (EPS) to utilize aliases to mask talent and client emails under the Andela brand. However, please remember that you'll only use your personal email address to log into the Talent Platform.

If I’m in an engagement, which email address do I use to log in, my personal email address or my temporary Andela email address?  Only your personal email address will be accepted to log in. 

I used my personal email address, but the log in failed. What happened?  Make sure you’re entering the personal email address you originally used to create your Andela account. If that still doesn't work, contact Talent Support to help you. 

I tried to reset my password but never received a reset email. What should I do?  Please contact Talent Support for further assistance. 

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