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What is the Writer’s Room Program?

The Community Writer’s Room Program helps Andelans improve their professional writing skills through monthly writing workshops. The curriculum provides extensive practice and fosters the knowledge needed by writers to adapt to new writing situations through various techniques.

This program also allows Andelans to showcase their writing and get paid for it. Each month, our program managers will choose three blogs for publication in the Andela Insights blog. In addition, the selected blogs will be showcased on our social media channels and in two Andela newsletters. The authors of the monthly selected blogs get awarded $200 each for their work.

What will I learn during the Writer’s Room workshops?

These workshops teach the foundational elements of the writing process and cut across all forms of written content creation. The sessions have been carefully curated to develop and hone your writing skills and will cover the following topics:

  • The essentials of content writing
  • The essentials of blog writing 
  • Technical blog writing
  • Soft skill blog writing
  • Proof-reading
  • Social Media 
  • Search engine optimization
  • Reports and whitepapers
  • Long-form writing

In addition, you will have the opportunity to get answers to your writing questions and participate in peer-to-peer review sessions from writing assignments. With practice and guidance, Andela staff and guest speakers will train you to become a methodical thinker who communicates their ideas succinctly and effectively. 

Can I submit my writing for the Andela Insights blog?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a writer or just starting, we’d love to read your work! We will share our official submission form and announce our monthly priority topics on the third Wednesday of each month during the Community Town Hall event and in the #opportunities-writing channel in Andela Chat.

You can submit any blogs you’ve previously published on your Medium, LinkedIn, or WordPress site or write a new blog. We encourage you to finalize your blog and publish it before submitting it to us. Having your own blog site is an excellent practice for growing your professional brand and will help position you as a thought leader in the tech space. 

Writers will have two weeks to write their blogs and make submissions. The three selected blogs will be announced by the end of each month in the #opportunities-writing channel. 

How do blogs get selected?

Don’t worry if your blog is not perfect - we review all blogs, and the selected ones will be revised and edited by our E.P.I.C Andela staff. What’s most important is: 

  1. Your blog topic matches our priority topics for the month.
  2. Your blog is interesting and has a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  3. Your blog is original and offers insights into a product, tool, language, or interpersonal skill.
  4. Your bog must be at the most, a five-minute read.
  5. Your distinct ‘voice’ shines through! We want to hear from you in your own words. All blog submissions are revised for plagiarism.

How will I receive get paid if my blog gets selected for publication?

You’ll see your $200 bonus on next month’s paycheck if you are currently on engagement. Otherwise, you will receive a virtual gift card.

If you have additional questions about the Writer’s Room Program, please DM @mc.elias on Andela Chat or comment below. 

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