The In-Platform Time-Off Tracking tool vs. Workday

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What is the difference between the WorkDay and in-platform time-off tracking tools?

If you are a contractor or subcontractor, you'll use the in-platform time off tracking tool, and if you are an FTE, you'll use WorkDay to request time off. 


In-platform Time-off Tracking Tool

You can access it from your dashboard on the Andela Talent platform at

This tool is for billing contractors. Contractors are not eligible for paid time off and will not be paid for any days not working. This includes national holidays. If you would like more guidance, please look at How to request time off.

No approval flow is required from the Andela side for time off. It is based on client preference. If you are active on a client engagement, you must be approved according to your client agreement before submitting time off requests in the Andela Talent platform. Additionally, be sure to send your assigned Talent Delivery Partner (TDM/TSP) a message via Andela Chat, letting them know about the scheduled time off.

Below is a visual of how to schedule Time Off on the platform. 



Once you submit time off, your Talent Delivery Partner will review your time off at the end of each month to ensure that the information reflected on the platform is accurate. Additional materials on this can be found here.



You can access it from your Google Workspace dashboard. For this process, the line manager approves the request.

Below is a stepwise visual of how to request time off on WorkDay.


You can choose to remember your device and hit Submit button below to log in.



You can select your option in the window below.Screenshot_2023-02-02_at_11.13.26.png

When you select “Request Absence,” you are presented with the following screen. Which allows you to select the type of leave you would like to submit for.


Once you select, hit “Request Absence.


For any assistance with this process, please get in touch with the People Team through your Google Dashboard. 
















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