How are rate recommendations calculated?

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The recommended rates are the likely monthly rates that you are expected to make based on information on your profile, and the rates commanded by similar talents in the platform.

Who is similar to me

Talents are marked as being similar if they:

  • Share the same selected target role
  • Have comparable declared skills and years of experience
  • Live in countries with similar Gross National Income as classified by the World Bank

You can see the recommendations rates if you edit your profile or when you applied for a job.

Screen_Shot_2022-12-20_at_10.34.54.png  Screen_Shot_2022-12-20_at_10.34.25.png

Why do I not see recommendations?

We offer recommendations only to talents for whom our models are confident to provide reliable estimates. If you are not seeing recommendations, it could help to enhance your profile by being more specific on the skills you possess and provide detailed information on your past experiences.

How are recommendations generated?

We look at similar talents on the network who have successfully negotiated contracts for roles similar to your target role. By inspecting the distribution of rates and incorporating a Market Adjustment Factor, recommendations are computed.

What is the Market Adjustment Factor?

Wages tend not to be static and are influenced by market factors like supply and demand, real wage growth rates, and broader macroeconomic factors like inflation, and the likelihood of recessions.



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